Sunday, January 31, 2010


Exactly 24 hours ago Nina and i was driving around looking for a mamak =/ Im back in Melbourne now and i miss herr so much. On the last day we ended up going to a late night movie and after we drove around looking for a mamak mmmm i wish we ate tho.. assholes didnt even have asam boi memememee. We ended up at Ninas house looking at some of the holiday pictures and played with the cats for abit. I miss benjii, the only cat im not scared of and superllly love.

Even though we are sooo different, we get along soo good. I guess that overly used saying is correct "Opposites A
ttract". As stated from one of her posts

"...In general me and Neetu are like the total opposite she watches spongebob, i watch keeping up with the kardashians, she plays WOW... i read books, she can only dance to trance/house and i can only do hiphop and r&b... in other words i'm cooler than her lah...."

Hahaa she wishes shes cooler then me! oh and about the reading... shes bluffing pthh =P Aww i miss her so much, the only reason to go back to Malaysia (well apart from the FOOOD hahaha) I love you dudeee

5 years and going


Faressa said...

deyyy i reaad ahh nonsense girl... aww benjiii iloveemy benjii... i hatee you for leaving!

memememem =/