Sunday, February 21, 2010

Im allowed to eat in class!

Screwing around for 3years finally payed of :) After all the courses, time and money spent I'm doing something superr interesting (easy) haha. Never wouldve thought id end up in Patisserie. Its been so fun! Ive never loved class this much before haha and the best thing is i get to eat during and after!! Haha im soo fat but its soo awesome! We havent really made anything WOW so far but its still good. Ive got classes Tuesday - Friday, so a long weekend and im happy ive got Monday off instead of Friday (Mondays a bitch). Ive got about 3 practical classes during then which is good, I really enjoy them but standing up for 4 - 6 hrs straight, wearing this retarded uniform and in the heat is a bitch =/

This is just some of the things we made mmm we got to eat everything too :D I just started my 3rd week so pretty excited to see what else we are gonna be making. Weee im excited to make and EATTT more! :D


Faressa said...

omggg that hamburger look a like dessert looks sooooo gooooood... yungry la yungrry.. how did that pasta taste like?

aww whosh a bigg girll who can cook now ahhh.. im yexxcitedd cuz i need a personal chef cuz u know being a celebrity and all

haha love u bitchh