Monday, March 29, 2010

Who's this big girl?!

Awww i just cleaned up the apartment with Bashar (The HouseMate) and its just such a satisfying feeeeeling mmmmmmm but you can actually see how dirty the carpet is, with all the spills, thow ups, food stains and this huge as unknown mark that we have been trying to work out what it is since the year started haha.

Im just really happy that its cleaned up and it actually looks habitable!! This is soo weird but i told Nina when i got done and she said something to gross me out yett its good, its hard to explain the way we speak but yeah this is how the conversation went..

Dolly♥: says:
haha its soo turee tho dudee
nina just cleaned the house
mememe im soo yappy laaa
everythings cleannn!!

Sugarhighh* says:
whoshh a bigg girll ahhh

Dolly♥: says:
I AM I AM eeee
i made tea too mmmm
only 2 TEA spoons of honey too nina im soo super proud of myself usually id have 5 if it was honey

Sugarhighh* says:
gooood girlll
whoss all grown up now ahh
cleaning the house and drinking tea with honey???

Dolly♥: says:
oh my god nina
(: i love you bitch
Aww that means alot dudee

Sugarhighh* says:
biggg girlll lah

As corny as this sounds i actually got tears in my eyes! That meant soooo much. I guess fucking around all these years and someone saying that mememe im a big girl :D and thanks to Rory i wont dieee early too haha, the replacement of sugar with honey... YESSS VICTORYYY!! I use to have around 7 - 9 spoons of sugar in my Tea and i replaced that with 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of sugar. It was a hugeeeee cut downn but surprisingly didnt taste all badd. Was niceee mmm im having some now too.


Faressa said...

awww i loveee you la bitchh

mememe im all yemo now.. fuck you lah for being so fucking far

yii yaam yery yroud yof you betaaa

hahha looks like a different language doesnt it??

neetudolly said...

Aww dude i fucking love you laa. Im trying to talk to you on msn but i think your afk.

Awww you jsut got onn. Fuck la dude i no you wont read this for awhile so im jsut telling you now and you can bitch to me later. I dont no what to sayy laa fucking 1st time. Dont worry bettta only 6 or 5 more days to PATAYY it yupp in that fucking crap car haha

and dude your right laa does look like a nother language OH MY GOD IT CAN BE THE "Y" language/ yindian wanna be language.