Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Minute Brownies

A friend sent me this last night and i was just so fascinated (i assume its cause im a fatty haha) but I fucking LOVE brownies sooo much. He said he tried it and it turned out like pudding (because he didn't use use the right type of cocoa) Ill get all the ingredients ready today and try it later tonight. Weehehe im so excited to see how it turns out. I REALLY hope it's not gonna be disappointing. Ill take pictures of how mine turns out.

Three Minute Brownies


4 Tablespoons of cake flour
4 Tablespoons of sugar
2 Table spoons of cocoa
1 whole Egg
3 Tablespoons milk
3 Tablespoons oil
1 Mug/Bowl

Mix flour, sugar and cocoa

Spoon in one egg

Pour in milk and oil

Put in microwave for 3 minutes on max power

Wait until it stops rising and sets in mug

spoon it out or eat straight from cup

Nom Nom Nom Nom

Who's this big girl?!

Awww i just cleaned up the apartment with Bashar (The HouseMate) and its just such a satisfying feeeeeling mmmmmmm but you can actually see how dirty the carpet is, with all the spills, thow ups, food stains and this huge as unknown mark that we have been trying to work out what it is since the year started haha.

Im just really happy that its cleaned up and it actually looks habitable!! This is soo weird but i told Nina when i got done and she said something to gross me out yett its good, its hard to explain the way we speak but yeah this is how the conversation went..

Dolly♥: says:
haha its soo turee tho dudee
nina just cleaned the house
mememe im soo yappy laaa
everythings cleannn!!

Sugarhighh* says:
whoshh a bigg girll ahhh

Dolly♥: says:
I AM I AM eeee
i made tea too mmmm
only 2 TEA spoons of honey too nina im soo super proud of myself usually id have 5 if it was honey

Sugarhighh* says:
gooood girlll
whoss all grown up now ahh
cleaning the house and drinking tea with honey???

Dolly♥: says:
oh my god nina
(: i love you bitch
Aww that means alot dudee

Sugarhighh* says:
biggg girlll lah

As corny as this sounds i actually got tears in my eyes! That meant soooo much. I guess fucking around all these years and someone saying that mememe im a big girl :D and thanks to Rory i wont dieee early too haha, the replacement of sugar with honey... YESSS VICTORYYY!! I use to have around 7 - 9 spoons of sugar in my Tea and i replaced that with 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of sugar. It was a hugeeeee cut downn but surprisingly didnt taste all badd. Was niceee mmm im having some now too.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coming Easter Breakk

Im gonna be going back to Malaysia on the 3rd of April Weeee! Im so excited to see Nina and stuff my face nom nom nom. Its actually a biggg waste of money going back for easter since i was just there in January and im gonna be there for only a week but thanks to my moms constant nagging to my dad im going back again yay!

Its actually going to be really nice cause for the 1st time in over 5years the whole family will be in the same country ( my brothers going back too) haha its actually kinda messsed up thinking about it but still good. Awww and its super duper sweet cause hes going back with his partner mememee i dont have a partner to go back with hahaha. Thankkk god shes awesome and not some psychotic crazy ass bitch.

Since im only gonna be there for 8 days Nina and i have come up with a "To Do List" i have a really stong feeling this is going to be a fail because we never ever never ever ever never stick to "lists" but we reallly have to try this time. YOU HEAR THAT FATTTY... No being lazyy ahh aww i love you ninaa! So this this the list, it is also arranged from the highest priority to the lowest (no reason to slack off at the ending fatty)


Wednesday - Thursday Hotel night
Mamak every nightt
Eat at Concorde at least 3 times
Feed Benji & Munchkin tuna infront of ButterCup
Buy necessities from Forever 21
Margaritaaa Night
Ninas make up tutorial
Staying over her place
Follow Nina to at least one of her boring as classes
Get a 2nd coat for the tattoo's [redo]
Go to Brick-Fields
Have breakfast at Setiawangsa
Eat at chillies after watching a moviee [yes nina a movie]
Go to the Mexican restaurant

I really wanted to add "Destroy Car" but bitch is getting a new car now memmee i dont even have a drivere license haha. Im really excited to see how much we actually get done and weather or not we will stick to it.

As much as i dis buttercup i still do kinda ahh fuck laa never mind, there's the fattass

miss you Faressa

yes i feel cooler since i called you Ferresssa instead of Nina hahaha atleast i didnt say BABBY :D

Melbourne - Kuala Lumpur
Depart: Sat, 03 Apr, 01: 15am Arrive: Sat, 03 Apr, 06: 25am

Kuala Lumpur - Melbourne
Depart: Sun, 11 Apr, 09: 30pm Arrive: Mon, 12 Apr, 07: 05am

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweetest song


You can be the peanut butter to my jelly
You can be the butterflies i feel in my belly
You can be the chills that i feel on our first date
You can be the tear that i cry if we ever split
You can be the rain from the cloud when its storming
You can be the sweet tooth i can be the dentist
You can be the vodka and i can be the chaser
You can be as cold as the winter weather but i dont care as long as were together
Your the straw to my berry
Your the smoke to my high

Perfect Two - Auburn